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Lastly, a best practice section concludes the main part of this document.Most sections contain a Q & A section that answers common questions regarding the specific feature or area covered by the section.In a lot of books and articles that I've read on this control, it seems to suggest that the appropriate event to handle for this is the Cell Validating one. However, this event triggers a bit too often for my tastes and I'm not sure it is required.For example, this event triggers everytimes the users switches to another row.Its works but when i change a cell empty, Formatted Value is empty too.

I have not noticed much in the way of a performance hit (tested with 100 - 5000 rows). Show("Please Enter numeric Value") Data Grid View1. Private Sub Data Grid View1_Data Error(By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As Data Grid View Data Error Event Args) _ Handles Data Grid View1. Show("Please Enter a numeric Value") 'This will change the number back to original Data Grid View1. I understand that the impact in performance should be irrelevant when using simple validation and conditional highlighting rules but I would as much prefer it not to run useless code everytime the user moves to another cell if it can be avoided.Thanks, Depends on what design pattern (if any) you are following.

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