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The following contains current and historical information for internal and external distribution.

This information is based on FBI records and is updated by the Investigative Publicity and Public Affairs Unit, Office of Public Affairs.

What is the purpose of the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” Program?

Who actually decides which fugitives go on the list?

The Criminal Investigative Division (CID) at FBI Headquarters calls upon all 56 Field Offices to submit candidates for the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” list. Gerena 12/15/2016 1968………………..33Victor Manuel Gerena Dates: 5/14/84 - 12/15/16Billie Austin Bryant Dates: 1/8/69 - 1/8/69 (Special Addition)Katherine Ann Power Dates: 10/17/70 - 6/15/84Thomas J.

Just as the composition of the list of “Top Ten” fugitives has changed over the years, the media outlets available for publicizing these fugitives have also changed. Tenuto 5/24/1950 3/9/1964Federal process against Tenuto was dismissed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by a U. District Judge.15 Thomas Kling 7/17/1950 2/20/1952Kling was arrested in New York, New York, by local police.16 Meyer Dembin 9/5/1950 11/26/1951Dembin surrendered to the U. Attorney in New York, New York.17 Courtney Townsend Taylor 1/8/1951 2/16/1951Taylor was apprehended in Mobile, Alabama, after a jeweler recognized him from a Wanted Flyer.

Traditionally, newspapers and magazines captured the attention of the domestic reader with profiles and photographs of America’s fugitives. Sending his clerk to follow Taylor, the jeweler called the FBI and police.

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