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Now you could be absolutely stunning (in which case you're both smart AND pretty and everyone hates you except for me -- call me, like, immediately), but your identity is still bound up in being The Smart One.

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Make friends with other women so it shows you are friendly and not threatened by the ‘competition.’ When men see you chatting up other women, it shows that you are warm, confident, and engaging.

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Over the last two weeks, the Democratic and Republican parties have filed half a dozen warring complaints about poll monitoring.

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You can modify part in bold, so clicking on first image it opens Catalogue and so on...

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Contact the New York State Geological Survey, Room 3140 Cultural Education Center, Albany, New York 12230. Descriptions of some parts of the collections follow. E., 1995, The origins and relationships of colonial in the Middle Devonian (Givetian) of New York.